12 Step recovery is a powerful tool for helping those who suffer from addiction to rebuild their lives and to lead a sober life style. The original 12 steps was developed by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The program is designed to offer clients a solution oriented path to recovery.

The 12 steps foster personal growth and recovery through self-improvement, honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility. It offers people an opportunity to clean up their past, repair their personal relationships with family and friends, and build a solid foundation for recovery.

12 step recovery is suitable for all walks of life. Artemis Hill Recovery has a strong relationship with the 12 step community and we facilitate 12 step meetings onsite with guest speakers who share their experience with recovery. This offers clients a great introduction to 12 step recovery and the benefits it has to offer. Many of our guest speakers are available for sponsorship following treatment. A sponsor is a person who has gone through the 12 steps and offers support and guidance to the client so they can gain a working knowledge of the steps. Our counselors can help incorporate the 12 steps into the client’s individual treatment goals and personal life.

Successful recovery is the result of active participation from the client as well as strong social support from friends and loved ones. The 12 steps allow the family to heal and become equipped with the resources needed to encourage the full recovery of their loved ones.

12 Step Recovery Long Beach