3-10 Day Detox Artemis Hill Recovery Inc. offers an effective 3-10 day detox program that includes a health evaluation and medication for withdrawal symptoms. Our detox services are provided in an accommodating, gender-specific, and modern facility.

With proper treatment, clients can avoid the risk of acute withdrawal symptoms. Medications are provided to treat these sudden conditions. Medical intervention, where medications are provided, can assist clients in preventing or reducing the severity of symptoms.

Our detox program not only provides chemical withdrawal from the drug or substance, but also offers drug education and counseling. Clients are introduced to alternative activities that can help minimize their desire for drugs or alcohol. These include group activities, support groups, and supervised care.

Through successful detox, clients find a release from the toxins in their body and receive support throughout the withdrawal period. Treatment counselors and a qualified doctor will provide supervision during this stage of recovery. The Artemis treatment team is dedicated to ensuring a full recovery that does not result in relapse or dependence on medication.

To enroll yourself or a loved one in our 3-10 day detox program, please call our office and schedule a consultation.

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