Alcohol addiction treatment

Alcohol is a common substance of addiction that requires detox. The process generally includes a doctor consultation, evaluation of vital signs, and medication for withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol detox in Long Beach can be completed safely within the world class facilities of Artemis Hill Recovery Inc.

Without proper treatment alcohol detox symptoms can be dangerous and severe. These symptoms include tremors, insomnia, hyperactivity, seizures, delirium or even a heart attack or stroke. At Artemis Hill Recovery, medications can be provided during the detoxification process to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Some medications such as Benzodiazepines can reduce withdrawal symptoms such as seizures.

Additional components of alcohol detoxification can include education and counseling, which helps patients prepare for long-term recovery. Alternative activities are provided in the form of social activities, mild exercise, support meetings, and supervised care. Artemis Hill brings in the best medical experts to optimize the detox experience.

To learn more about our alcohol detox program and evaluate its benefits, please call our office and schedule a consultation.

Alcohol Detox Long Beach