What is Equine-Assisted Recovery

At Artemis we are always striving to provide the highest quality of care and services that promote wellness and a successful path to recovery for our clients. In an effort to expand on that mission, Artemis is proud to announce our new counseling track, Equine Assisted Counseling (EAC). EAC allows our clients to explore behaviors and patterns that may cause problems in their lives through honest, assertive verbal and, specifically, non-verbal communication.

Although non-verbal cues (our affect, our body language) make up 97% of all communication, we are rarely aware of how this form of communication can generate mixed messages resulting in counterproductive and unintended consequences that may hinder the recovery process. Horses have an innate capacity to sense these non-verbal communications. Their nonjudgmental, intuitive responses make them the perfect partner to explore how each client can improve upon their self-awareness relative to these important communication skills.

Please contact us to hear more about this important offering.

Equine Assisted Counseling