What is Holistic Treatment?

Holistic treatment for women’s addiction can be an effective means to improve self-control and minimize dependence on the drug or substance. It involves the use of natural healing remedies that eliminate the drug and alcohol toxins from the body. This is achieved through spiritual recovery involving yoga, acupuncture, or meditation.

The holistic method to recovery helps clients find the root cause of addiction and understand the factors leading to drug and alcohol addiction. By applying the appropriate treatment plan for each individual, addiction can be arrested early and symptoms of withdrawal can be alleviated. Alternative activities can also be conducted to promote a healthier addiction-free life.

Traditional holistic drug treatment encourages recovery by allowing clients to connect with their spiritual side. Activities include meditation, massage, acupuncture (on request), yoga, spiritual counseling, nutritional therapy, mild exercise, and breathing routines. These approaches promote a state of peace and tranquility in a client’s mind, allowing them to focus on achieving full recovery.

Artemis Hill Recovery Inc. provides a secure facility for holistic treatments. To determine if these programs can work for you or a loved one, please call our office to schedule a consultation.

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