Achieving Sobriety Together

Individual therapy in Long Beach is provided by a highly trained and experienced professional health counselor. Clients meet periodically with the counselor during the 3-10 day treatment program. Our counselors are specialists in treating and providing detox for cocaine, opiate, Xanax, meth, prescription pill, and oxycontin addictions.

Group therapy is one of the most recommended approaches for treating clients. The counseling is applied in a group setting, where participants share their experiences with addiction and find support from one another.

A successful group therapy program can be provided inside or outside of the facility. Groups are led by treatment specialists with vast experience in the addiction and recovery field. Other groups are maintained by fellow recovering addicts.

Receiving extensive peer support can benefit individuals facing the problems of addiction. Recovering addicts can work alongside peers to develop new coping strategies and exchange resources to maintain sobriety. Developing a strong support network among peers has been proven to help individuals overcome their battle with addiction.

group therapy woman