Methadone Withdrawal

Methadone is prescribed as a solution to help addicts quit heroin and other drugs. It works by blocking the euphoric effects that can occur with heroin use, making it easier for users to quit. The unintended effect is that the individual develops an addiction to methadone. Numerous individuals who have used this drug to quit heroin eventually cannot function without regular use.

Methadone withdrawal can be debilitating, with some users reporting that they experience anxiety, sweats, and back pain after ceasing use. Common withdrawal symptoms include:

• Elevated heart rate
• Increased irritation
• Insomnia
• Hallucinations
• Thoughts of suicide
• Anxiety
• Drug Cravings

The austere withdrawal symptoms make quitting methadone particularly difficult. Artemis Hill Recovery uses a personalized approach to addressing these cases. Methadone addiction can be fatal when left untreated. A successful detox problem can be achieved through several steps consisting of an initial assessment, client monitoring, and counseling.

If you recognize methadone addiction in a loved one, please contact Artemis Hill Recovery to schedule a consultation and discuss your options.