What is OxyContin?

OxyContin was first developed and used as an analgesic to help users relieve pain. It often replicates the effects of drugs such as morphine. It is a controlled substance that can only be prescribed under the supervision and recommendation of a physician. Despite these requirements, OxyContin continues to be widely used by addicted individuals for non-medical purposes.

Artemis Hill Recovery designs an outpatient detox program that accommodates a particular client’s schedules and unique needs. Self-detoxification is not recommended, which is why detox is carried out under the care of a licensed and skilled physician.

A dependence on OxyContin carries similar severe risks to heroin. Affected individuals must be supervised and monitored for any indications of an addiction. This condition can be physically and emotionally challenging for some individuals.

Artemis Hill Recovery provides continuous support for clients looking to make a full recovery from OxyContin addiction. To discuss recovery options offered at our facility, contact us at (562) 344-6080 and schedule an appointment.