What We Do

At Artemis Hill Recovery, working with clients is a big part of our existence and the reason why we serve the community. Our team of counselors and addiction treatment specialists place a firm commitment on treating drug and alcohol addiction in women. Our recovery program targets the primary and secondary factors that steer clients into dependence on drugs and alcohol. Our world class recovery program is among the best when it comes to rehab in Huntington Beach.

We carry years of experience and become an active part of the journey as we help clients achieve successful detoxification and recovery. Our strategy is all about welcoming women to the first step of the recovery process. Our facilities are kept clean and managed in a quiet, comfortable setting. Clients here are treated with nothing less than the highest level of kindness, respect, and compassion.

At Artemis Hill Recovery, we believe that clients have a chance to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones. We work with addiction specialists in the area and assist clients who require medicated detox. The opportunity to steer lives towards a positive direction is available at our facility.

Our services are provided with discretion in a comfortable, clean, maintained, and secure facility. We welcome working with clients and treating them with the utmost compassion.

Rehab Huntington Beach