What is the Social Model?

The social model provides supportive therapy instead of medication to treat drug or alcohol addiction. The model is based on the notion that addiction is developed from psychological and social factors. Treatment specialists applying the social model recommend that time spent in a peaceful and supportive environment can disrupt addiction and prevent relapse.

Artemis Hill Recovery Inc. offers recovery programs in Long Beach that are based on the social model. This includes experiences such as group participation, group activities, 12 step groups, yoga, and spiritual counseling in a therapeutic residential setting. These healthy social experiences helps clients develop self-discipline and re-affirm control of their lives.

Additionally, the social model focuses on addressing the emotional factors that may have contributed to drug use. An addict’s emotional state can be affected by various features of the social environment.

At Artemis Hill Recovery, we provide treatments and recovery programs that support the social model. Our treatments include elements of spiritual counseling and motivational therapy. We encourage extensive participation in group therapy and follow the 12 steps to recovery.

Our office is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions regarding the benefits of recovery based on the social model.

Social Model