What is Xanax?

Xanax refers to a drug that is utilized for the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders. It is also known as Alprazolam. This drug belongs to a group of medications that include benzodiazepines. It influences the central nervous system and brain. It also enhances the GABA chemical in the body and allows individuals to experience a calming effect.

The recommended amount of dosage for Xanax can be gradually increased until the full effects of the drug are experienced. If taken for a long time or in intensive doses, withdrawal is a high possibility upon immediate cessation. Dosages should be slowly reduced under the supervision of a doctor to prevent more austere withdrawal symptoms such as seizures.

Detoxification from Xanax must be achieved before clients can be engaged in full recovery and rehabilitation. Detox, when performed under professional supervision, can relieve withdrawal symptoms as they occur.

Artemis Hill Recovery in Long Beach provides Xanax detox within a closely monitored and highly equipped facility. The recovery program also includes initial assessment, physician support, and individual and group therapy. To set up a consultation and learn more, call (562) 344-6080 today.